A Year in the Making – Our New Web Site

All my partners are younger, high tech types and have certain aesthetic tastes that us old guys missed out on during the Internet High Tech revolution. As such our somewhat out dated seven year old Lifeafar web site will soon be a relic of the past.

In its place will be our new site which is in its Beta phase here on this staging platform and will be officially launched in the next two to three weeks (we are about 60% completed on populating our 350 listings).

We would love to get your comments or critiques and you can really help us by simply clicking on the blue “Feedback” button that appears on the upper left hand side of each page.

An upcoming newsletter will be devoted to covering many of the main features of our new site but I hope you will immediately be impressed with a couple of items:
We now have a search function for our 350 sales listings – see Real Estate Sales

Our past, present and future commercial investment projects are listed under Investment Opportunities tab on the main menu bar – see Investment Opportunities

Under About Us you can see that we are a large and growing company with 25 employees and six part-timers.

We are more than just a real estate company as can be seen by visiting our Client Services Section with our 21 additional services that we provide to make things easier, less expensive and more accurate, for our foreign buyers, renters, visitors and investors.

Our mantra for 2014 and going forward is Customer Service for all departments. We hope you will see, sense and feel this as we continue to set the bar high to be the credible full service support platform for foreign buyers, investors, visitors and rental clients coming to Medellin.

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