The Next Colombian Real Estate Investment Frontier?

Cali? Why Cali?

We asked ourselves the same thing November 2015 when it was first proposed to us.

Yes, we knew it was the salsa capital of the world.

Yes, we knew it was a primary commercial hub for import/export trade in Colombia.

Yes, we knew it was a 90 minute drive to the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, we also knew that it had a lingering crime reputation left over from the bad drug days in Colombia.

What we didn’t know is more than 50 international conglomerates have a physical presence there. Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

We also didn’t know that Hilton, Marriott, Small Luxury Hotels had all staked a claim there during the past 24 months.

It surprised us too that the international airport was undergoing an 18 million dollar expansion. That’s doubling the size to accommodate its current 72 weekly international flights.

Hmmm…. what’s up? It begged us profit-seekers for further investigation.

As it turns out, Cali is much more than salsa and smoke. It’s becoming a destination as Colombia’s third largest city.

Culture is abundant, skies are fresh and clear, traffic is easy to negotiate, sports, health and intelligence is an underlying theme, the leafy river-walk is safe and pleasant, the food is upscale and the nightlife is increasingly sophisticated.

Before investing in what appeared to be undervalued properties, we needed confirmation of demand for Cali, so we put the question out to our deep database of worldwide travelers and investors for real answers, and guess what? A full 27% of our travelers have Cali on their list.

Problem is, there are only two choices for travelers and business people in Cali.

Hotels of decent quality and location range from $80 and up, or hostels that cater to budgets of less than $40, mostly much less, sometimes in sketchy neighborhoods.

Cali Suite Design
This is style of luxury suite we are looking to create

Aha! That’s the dynamic that makes for opportunity!

Fill the gap. Serve a demand by offering quality, value and experience. That’s our specialty!

So after months of digging deep we’ve purchased two well positioned properties that will offer superior returns to those able to see uncut gems.

The neighborhoods of Granada, El Peñon and several others remind us of Medellin’s El Poblado ten years ago. So that’s where our focus belongs.

We’re about to begin renovations on two prime properties and we’re now able to offer you an opportunity on the first development in the neighborhood of El Peñon.

If you have even an inkling of interest, send me an email at [email protected] so I can send you the Villa del Peñon Investors Kit.

We’re excited about opportunities in Cali and would enjoy answering your questions.

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