Samuel Miller

Sam Miller - FAR International

In 2009, Sam embarked on a motorcycle journey from Canada to Argentina. It was Colombia, however, that caught his eye. Sam settled in Bogota, where he co-founded Colombia International Real Estate. In 2015, CIRE merged with Lifeafar. He creates content about living and investing in Colombia while simultaneously directing the Bogota branch of Apartment International.

2 thoughts on “Samuel Miller

  1. Michael aya says:

    Hey Sam love your videos, huge reason why I made the decision to come to Colombia I’ve been here for 2 weeks now (my parents live in Colombia) and I’m trying to move here permanently. How can I get involved with you in Colombia with AirBnb? I was an AirBnb host in Houston Texas so I have some experience. Just need generate some income out here im very driven and motivated to do whatever it takes to spend the rest of my life here. Hope all is well parcero!

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