Jeremy Zick

Jeremy Zick is the Head of Architecture & Design at Lifeafar. Since joining Lifeafar in 2009, Jeremy has served in various roles and helped grow the company from a four-person team to the 100+ employee, multi-city operation the brand is today. His key successes and contributions to Lifeafar include building the company’s design and construction departments from the ground up as Lead Architect, Construction Manager, and Director of Design-Build Services. He also helped lead executive recruiting, system development, and process optimization to improve delivery throughout all departments.

Originally hailing from Denver, Colorado, Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree in environmental design from the University of Colorado in Boulder in a program for sustainable and green architecture. His early hands-on work in design and construction coupled with additional experience gained through years of involvement with Lifeafar give Jeremy a unique and in-depth perspective on real estate development. He will be a driving force behind growing Lifeafar into a global brand.

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