Jeremy Zick<span class="wpmtp-job-title">President, FAR International</span>

    Jeremy currently serves as President of Lifeafar. Jeremy has spent the last nine years serving in various roles in growing the Company from a four-person team to the 100-plus person, multiple-city, operation the Company is today.

    Jeremy built the Company’s architectural design and construction departments from the ground up where he was Lead Architect, Construction Manager, and the Director of Design-Build Services. Jeremy assumed the role of President when he was tasked with restructuring the Company, refocusing and recruiting talent and developing systems and processes to improve delivery throughout the Company’s departments.

    Jeremy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado in a program geared toward sustainable and green architecture. His early hands-on experience in design and construction coupled with the experience gained through years serving the organization, give him a uniquely in-depth perspective on real estate development.