Andrew Campion<span class="wpmtp-job-title">Director of Technology</span>

    Andrew is currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer for the Company and is responsible for the research, development and implementation of all software solutions, websites and third-party platforms used by the Company.

    Andrew was also the founder of The Apartment Medellin, currently known as Apartment International, the first company of its kind in the real estate space in Medellin, Colombia in 2006, and has previously been responsible for the development and expansion of the property management business as well as Company-wide marketing of the Company following its merger with Apartment International.

    Originally from Australia, and with a degree in computer science, Andrew previously worked for Sony PlayStation in London, England as the lead network administrator, managing the Windows networking environment for the head office and the regional offices throughout Europe. Apartment International remains to this day the most successful and well-known local vacation rental brand in Colombia, growing from a single room to hundreds of properties, spanning several cities and in excess of a million U.S. Dollars in revenue per year. It is an integral part of the success of the Company and the cornerstone for its travel, live and invest philosophy.