Adrian Beales

Adrian Beales - FAR International

Adrian Beales is the Director of Sales of Lifeafar. He leads Sales, Capital-Raising and Events Divisions, and aids customers in identifying appropriate investment opportunities for their portfolios in Latin America. Since joining Lifeafar in 2017, he has nurtured deep-rooted relationships with the firm’s investors, and has a reputation for putting clients first in all transactions.

Prior to assuming the role of Director of Sales, Adrian served as Investment Funding Manager at Lifeafar, providing prospective clients with experience, expertise and local access to invest in major real estate and agricultural projects in Colombia and Puerto Rico. Adrian has personally invested in real estate since his early twenties, buying multiple investment properties in his home state of Victoria, Australia. Now living in Colombia, Adrian has made investments in Latin America, and is continuing his search for investment opportunities that deliver exceptional returns to his clients as well as allow him to earn passive income and live a life of his choosing.

His previous professional experience includes working as a Relationship Director – Enterprise (Large Law) with LexisNexis in Sydney, Australia where he worked with the top global law firms with an Asian-Pacific focus. He got his start in sales working with various organizations in Melbourne, Australia, including, Telstra, The Kangan Institute and Asahi Beverages.

Born and raised in Kinglake, Australia, Adrian has studied and earned multiple degrees from institutes of higher education in Australia, Canada, France and the U.S., including a Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees in business, commerce and leadership. He completed his most recent Master of Science in leadership at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

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