• <d />Patrick Spanfelner <a href='https://www.lifeafarinvestments.com/team/patrick-spanfelner/'>View profile</a></div><div></div>

    Patrick Spanfelner

      Patrick is an economist from Denmark who’s been investing in Cali real estate for over a decade. In early 2016, he partnered with FAR International to open up its Cali office and oversee a number of exciting real estate efforts
    • <d />Monica Tobón <a href='https://www.lifeafarinvestments.com/team/monica-tobon/'>View profile</a></div><div></div>

      Monica Tobón

        Monica is an architect originally from Medellin with a decade of hard hat experience in both industrial and residential construction projects. Prior to joining FAR International, she worked on large-scale
      • <d />Rodrigo Arias <a href='https://www.lifeafarinvestments.com/team/rodrigo-arias/'>View profile</a></div><div></div>

        Rodrigo Arias

          Rodrigo, a caleño at heart, brings more than five years of experience in hotel management to FAR. While working abroad in Chile, he taught himself English, an endeavor that paid off once he began working

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