Property Management

Lifeafar was founded in 2006 with a single room available to rent for $30 a night. Since then the business has expanded to over 200 properties servicing over 150 owners and investors from a dozen different countries.

We’ve been able to achieve this success by providing a consistently high level of customer service and custom designed product across our entire inventory of apartments.

By dominating search engine rankings for over a decade and our presence on social networks to further leverage our position we’ve become a major brand in Colombia in the vacation rental market.

By using state of the art technology to power our websites and booking platforms we’ve been able to offer our clients better occupancy rates and better returns of their investments than any of our competitors.

We are constantly growing and adapting to new systems and applications that improve the customer experience, making it easier for our clients to find the perfect rental they are looking for and making it easier for property owners and investors to see how their investment is growing.

Our commitment to high standards of service and end product mean we are able to provide our property owners with the highest level of occupancy available in the market. This is a testament to our policy of quality over quantity and our commitment to create the best experience for both our customers and our owners alike.

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