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Finding Legal Services in Colombia
There are a number of reasons to need legal services in Colombia. For foreigners, especially some aspects of the legal system will appear complex, while the attitude of officials might seem casual. Those needing quality assistance in regards to the laws in Colombia can find help through First American Reality Medellin. With nine years of experience, we can aid those needing guidance in foreign investment, just as with thousands of clients throughout the world.

The Benefit of Understanding Real Estate Laws
Laws in Colombia change and shift just as they do in any other country. Sometimes these changes are beneficial to the foreign investor. In Colombia foreign citizens have the full legal rights to invest in real estate in the country. A new law made the procedures for property procurement easier, and with fewer limitations. This does not mean, however, that those selling the property will make this process easier, or that it’s not easy for some unscrupulous person to take advantage of those who aren’t as familiar with local laws. In terms of securing a past provision that gave the Colombian government the power to confiscate foreign owned property without compensation was repealed. This doesn’t mean that if real estate laws aren’t followed that land can’t be justly confiscated. It’s important to understand fees, taxes, and adjustments in order to maintain ownership without penalties. This is the reason, having help in making sure that all laws are understood when making an investment is so critical.

Making Wise Investments
When purchasing real estate in this country the buyer and seller will need to enter into a contract, and this agreement made part of a public deed. In Colombia it is legal for a buyer to use a third party representative, but for native buyers this is often not the case. In this country property such as homes, farms, or even office buildings are often sold by those not having a license to sell real estate. This makes having someone familiar with the laws, the language, and customs of Colombia a key method of ensuring no future problems with deeds or titles to the properties.

Our Wide Field of Experience
We have one of the best teams of lawyers in Colombia. First American Realty Medellin has drawn together legal experts in several specialties in order to offer our clients a wide range of services. Through us clients have the resources in importing and exporting, business and corporate law, taxes, and civil laws. We also offer help in the registration of foreign funds to the Colombian Central Bank. So varied are our services we can also aid those who need prenups and who need assistance drawing up a will. Our services are bi-lingual so, there’s nothing lost in translation between the legal information we relate and our clients.

The Top Firm
Fine legal advice can only come from educated, intelligent specialists who pay close attention to detail. Since we opened our doors we have sought to bring our clients the best expertise in Colombian law. For our team nothing is more important than assisting clients who need legal help with all areas of their investment. We make a commitment, and our team is hard working and determined to hold to our high standards. The interesting aspect of our work is our clientele as we have a variety of clients who come to Colombia from around the globe. This is a pleasant aspect of the job, and we find we can easily relate to our clients, and we appreciate them. This is why we work so hard to offer organized, bi-lingual services to help protect your investments and assets.

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