Real estate recovery in the Caribbean

Real estate recovery in the Caribbean

St Barts and Mustique saw positive annual price growth in recent years.

After a downturn following the 2008 recession, real estate markets in the Caribbean are once again showing signs of growth. The uptick is due largely to an expansion of tourism and increased interest among U.S. and European buyers. After 10 years of consistent growth in Western markets, good deals have become fewer and farther between, and confident investors are looking to the Caribbean as a source of both portfolio diversity and higher returns. Key investments in infrastructure are allowing these investors to expand their search to territories outside of traditional travel routes, and lenient tax regulations consistently attract high net worth individuals.

All parties stand to benefit from these developments, as tourists will enjoy increased access and bring valuable revenue to the 7,000+ Caribbean islands. Additionally, investors will see the value of their properties rise as demand increases.

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