Far International Hosts Successful Real Estate Investment Conference in Puerto Rico

Each day of the conference was packed with a variety of events. The conference agenda had both mornings and afternoons filled. From eight a.m. until six at night, panels were hosted where professionals went above and beyond, ensuring that every audience member understood the benefits and risks of Colombian real estate investment. Flex time was even allowed for certain conference panels and speakers. FAR International ensured that all their attendees were confident in what they were learning, encouraging reliable investments and relationships to be formed.

Medellin, Colombia — White sand, blue water, sunsets: the backdrop to FAR International‘s recent Investors Conference was nothing short of beautiful. But this conference was more than its gorgeous setting. In late April, FAR International hosted a sold out, the 3-day event in which expert speakers, such as attorneys, real estate developers and managing directors came together to discuss the benefits of investing long-term in Puerto Rico. Attendees gained insight as to how to grow with Puerto Rico’s tourism market, by using comparisons with the Colombian real estate investment market and Medellin apartment rentals.

FAR International’s Investors Conference took many things into consideration. The experts discussed the concerns of investing in Puerto Rico, such as power grid issues and damage from previous hurricanes. They were open and honest about these risks, but they rebutted them well, assuring attendees that there are a variety of benefits to look at. Between being a U.S. territory, a multitude of tax benefits, good real estate prices, low market competition with Medellin apartment rentals, and Puerto Rico’s inviting climate and backdrop, FAR International ensured that all sides of investment were thoroughly discussed and presented. They did not miss a beat, spending quality time on things such as Act 20 and Act 22, as well as giving quality time for their attendees for lunch breaks, and cocktail hours.

With Puerto Rico re-establishing itself post-hurricane damage, FAR International knows real estate investment is important for a thriving economy, and that it is central to a successful tourism capital. By addressing the business behind investment and truly digging at the concerns many investors may have, FAR International covered their entire basis with their recent Investors Conference, shedding light on benefits, addressing concerns, and having a professional team there to add credibility and assurance.

FAR International is confident in their goals: their company takes vacation rentals and real estate investment consulting seriously, which reflected well in the success of their recent conference. And the fact that they added an opportunity for attendees to complete tasting tours, tours of the Historic Fort, and a snorkeling trip, didn’t harm the conference’s success either.

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