Sabaneta 401

Apartment buildings in Sabaneta

For many years the preferred destination for foreigners has been El Poblado. But now many investors and renters are looking for neighborhoods that offer better values and a more local living experience yet with all the comforts of a stratus six neighborhood like El Poblado.

Thus the migration south from El Poblado through Envigado and now Sabaneta, the southernmost barrio of Medellin, where the Metro begins and opportunities abound.

  • Sabaneta is blessed with many excellent restaurants and a thriving nightlife. Its Parque Sabaneta is considered by many to be the best Park in all of Medellin to hang out and enjoy an authentic Colombian life style experience.
  • But Sabaneta is undergoing a major development boom which can be easily seen by its many new high rises particularly in the eastern and southern parts of Sabaneta.
  • Modern and new buildings are springing up yet not enough to dampen the quality of life and local lifestyle.
  • In northern Sabaneta, the Mayorca Mall has just doubled its size making it the newest and largest mall in Medellin.
  • Investors can enjoy all of these great benefits while realizing lower real estate prices and operating costs of about 25-30% less than El Poblado.
  • Getting in early in a Path of Progress like Sabaneta means realizing superior investment returns over time as gentrification matures and prices climb upward.
  • It happened in El Poblado and Envigado and now it is happening in Sabaneta.
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