Global Express

The “Home Depot of the Travel and Business World!”.   Offering one stop shop for all your tourism and international business needs.

Proposed Services for Foreign Residents, Visitors, Tourists and Executives

  • Small office supply store (mini Office Depot).
  • Small printing/copy center (to make business cards, marketing brochures, etc.).
  • Photo Booth to take VISA photos.
  • Mailbox room (Servientrega).
  • Local Mail Service Agency Servientrega.
  • Shipping Center Servientrega.
  • Bill Pay Center/Insurance Payment Center (similar to Exito).
  • Gift wrapping.
  • Tour services sales and packages.
  • Tourist Info Center (possibly Medellin Chamber of Commerce or private entity).
  • Airport transportation.
  • Ticket Sales Booth (plane tickets, bus tickets, events).
  • Travel Insurance Booth.
  • Money Exchange Booth.
  • Western Union/Wire Transfer.
  • Financial Institution Location – (Global Securities, Alianza, or Bolsa y Renta, etc.).
  • Home/Car/Motorcycle/Health and Other Insurance Booth.
  • Legal Services Stand – minimum wage attendant or just a phone to use.
  • Accounting services – minimum wage attendant or just a phone to use.
  • Internet Kiosks/Skype Access.
  • International Phone Booths.
  • Faxes.
  • Cell phone rental/Recharge, accessories or purchase.
  • Cell phone repair.
  • Spanish School Class Information and Sign up.
  • Dance Classes Sign Up.
  • Document Translation Services (drop off and pick up).
  • Car/Motorcycle/Bike Rental Booth.
  • Medical Tourism referrals, Dentist, etc.
  • VISA info/application booth.
  • Small gift/convenience /Snack Store (sell Colombian travel books, coffee and trinkets, Spanish Dictionaries, phone cards, etc.).
  • ATM Machine.
  • Delivery Stand: with access to motorcycle delivery team for pickups/drop off (move documents around town).
  • Key making service.
  • Subway or fast food outlet.
  • One person barber shop.
  • Dating or marriage introduction services.
  • Chiropractic office.
  • Storage Units kiosk or display.
  • Starbucks.
  • Contractor services.

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