New report highlights strengthening Colombian economy, opportunity for foreign investment

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Media contact: Tony Andersen, Lifeafar, [email protected]

A promising forecast for an improving Colombian economy, strong purchasing power, and a durable real estate market show better-than-average returns for foreign investment.

Investors looking to diversify or find new opportunities can count on Colombia to provide competitive returns in the coming years, based on a new report. The report, titled “The Impact of Exchange Rates on U.S. Investments in Colombian Real Estate” was recently released by Taylor Love, a senior research and market analyst at Lifeafar in Colombia.

We’ve found that because of a strong and stabilizing Colombian economy, coupled with the current exchange rate for the Colombian peso­­­­­­­­, smart investors looking to set roots in Latin America will see above average returns in Colombia in the coming years

Taylor Love.

The report’s forecast is based on trend data for a range of international rates and ratings, including inflation and interest rates, account deficit balances, sovereign debt ratings and terms of trade between the US and Colombia. The report also looks at historical trends in exchange rates over time.

A combination of strong international purchasing power, stable and secure interest and inflation rates, a shrinking international account balance, and a positive increase in Colombia’s debt ratings paints an optimistic outlook for the coming years. While conversations surrounding peace deals between the Colombian government and FARC slightly limit a better Colombian credit ranking, these discussions continue to improve and in turn will provide greater consumer confidence over time.

“Every day we’re working hard to find and deliver the best international investments to the foreign market,” said Rich Holman, founder and head of sales at Lifeafar. “We’re not only extremely confident in the direction of the Colombian economy, we also live here and see the exciting increases in tourism and the many foreigners who have decided to call Colombia home. From a real estate and investment perspective, it makes a lot of sense to look at Colombia.”

The report finds that because of the Colombia’s positive trajectory, U.S. and other foreign investors can be confident that a strengthening peso will both augment returns and mitigate any unforeseen losses, making Colombian real estate and investment a competitive option for expanding international holdings.

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To read the full report, download the pdf.