9.7% ROI Cash-flow Investment in the Path to Progress

Sabaneta, A Classic Case of Gentrification and a Path of Progress

Your first and last chance to get in while you still can

For many years the preferred destination for foreigners has been El Poblado. But now many investors and renters are looking for neighborhoods that offer better values and a more local living experience yet with all the comforts of a stratus six neighborhood like El Poblado.

Thus the migration south from El Poblado through Envigado and now Sabaneta, the southernmost barrio of Medellin, where the Metro begins and opportunities abound.

  • Sabaneta is blessed with many excellent restaurants and a thriving nightlife. Its Parque Sabaneta is considered by many to be the best Park in all of Medellin to hang out and enjoy an authentic Colombian life style experience.
  • But Sabaneta is undergoing a major development boom which can be easily seen by its many new high rises particularly in the eastern and southern parts of Sabaneta.
  • Modern and new buildings are springing up yet not enough to dampen the quality of life and local lifestyle.
  • In northern Sabaneta, the Mayorca Mall has just doubled its size making it the newest and largest mall in Medellin.
  • Investors can enjoy all of these great benefits while realizing lower real estate prices and operating costs of about 25-30% less than El Poblado.
  • Getting in early in a Path of Progress like Sabaneta means realizing superior investment returns over time as gentrification matures and prices climb upward.
  • It happened in El Poblado and Envigado and now it is happening in Sabaneta.

‘Path of Progress’ real estate investments most often are a Path to Profits!

For more information please download the full investment document below.

If you are interested in Medellin real estate this will be of interest, because apartment development project “Portal Del Parque” allows you to:

  1. Invest 95.000 USD in cash-flow real estate and earn 9.7% per year.
  2. Fully own a completely renovated and furnished luxurious apartment in a popular tourist area with no hotels.
  3. Set yourself up in the part of Medellin that will likely see most future development and capital appreciation.
  4. Immerse yourself in Colombian culture – Mix the benefits of a big city life with a “small town” feel and a local flavor. Enjoy good food and life itself. “Vivir la vida!”
  5. Deal directly with the most respected (Western owned & managed) real estate developer in Colombia: Lifeafar – No need to deal with local bureaucracy.
  6. Be close to major supermarkets, nightlife areas, restaurants, shopping malls, the metro and the airport. Walk amongst smiling locals. And… there are no traffic jams or hills to climb like in the rest of Medellin.
  7. Enjoy all the benefits of investing in a booming city in Colombia: a historically low exchange rate, portfolio diversification, a real estate backed hedge against the USD, riding the waves of economic growth rates long forgotten in the Western world and finally get a chance to buy “China in the 90s.”

Portal del Parque

The Portal del Parque investment opportunity consists of a two story loft apartment in the heart of Sabaneta, Medellin.

We think this is a good investment because of the location. Sabaneta is in the southern part of Medellin. The majority of new development is happening here due to limited availability of building space in places like El Poblado.

Sabaneta is where the city is expanding. And while it is only 10-15 minutes away by car or metro from the traffic and noise of El Poblado, it seems like you step into different world. It is almost like you walked into a small traditional Colombian village.

It is an experience that locals and foreigners alike are looking for, as we will explain later.

aves maria mall
Sabaneta Park

In short: this is an investment opportunity in an area with a lot of potential.

The epicenter of Sabaneta is Parque Sabaneta. A small square park with on one side a church and on the other three sides buzzing restaurants and cafés. Especially during weekends, Colombians flock from the surrounding area (some still riding horses!) to meet friends, eat, stroll or drink. Because of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere you will feel like you are walking around in a small village where time stood still.

Next to the plaza, a small ferris wheel takes laughing children for a ride. Families with kids on day trips stroll around the park. There is also a good selection of restaurants in the area. You can eat traditional Colombian food, but also Western dishes. There are steak houses with portions so big you have to take half home. You can walk trough many quiet streets lined with one-story, two-story and three-story homes. The Portal Del Parque investment opportunity is located just two blocks from Parque Sabaneta.

But make no mistake. Sabaneta offers you everything you could want from a big city – within walking distance. For your groceries you can go to small local shops or big supermarkets with international brands. There are two large modern shopping malls. Sabaneta even has its own popular nightlife area. Here, you can find people dancing on salsa and other exotic tunes in traditional bars called “Fondas” And if you want to get to another part of the city you can simply catch the metro at one of three stations in Sabaneta.

All this makes Sabaneta a target for an increasing amount of tourists wanting to live in comfort and at the same time mix with locals and Colombian culture. Especially retirees, family travelers and remote workers come here to escape the hustle and bustle of overly touristy El Poblado. But because Sabaneta is mainly a residential area there are almost no hotels. A rental apartment in the center of town offers therefore a great alternative.

Sabaneta TIP

Portal Del Parque is the re-development of a 3 story building. Three separate apartments will be created. “Unit# 401” is the biggest apartment and will be situated on the top two floors. On the lower floor you will find a large living room, a luxurious master bedroom with bathroom, a modern kitchen and even a small office.

From the living room you walk up the stairs to the second floor. There, you will find another bedroom with its own bathroom, a laundry area and a small balcony. The apartment will be renovated and furnished in a modern style. New Air Conditioning will be installed. The work will be managed by architects and designers. There is no “Home Owners Association” preventing short-term rentals as is the case with a lot of apartments in Colombia.

And because of its location you will have low taxes and low utility costs compared to places like El Poblado. Once finished this apartment can immediately start generating rental income. Unless you decide to live here, of course…

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