Parque Sabaneta, the Nicest Park in Medellín

Parque Sabaneta

Parque Sabaneta is arguably the nicest park in the Medellín metro area. Sabaneta is an up-and-coming area that is part of the Medellín metroplex, which we have been looking at in more detail over the past few weeks. Foreigners are now starting to discover Sabaneta, which is part of the Medellín metroplex located just south of El Poblado and Envigado.

We have been looking at Sabaneta in more detail as an investment opportunity and this is the fourth article in our series.   First we looked at an overview of Sabaneta, secondly we looked at the lifestyle in Sabaneta, and thirdly we looked at real estate costs in Sabaneta. This week we look at Parque Sabaneta in more detail.

Parque Sabaneta

Parque Sabaneta

Much of the daily life in Sabaneta is centered around Parque Sabaneta, which is a very nice one square block-sized plaza filled with trees, shops, stalls and restaurants.

Iglesia de Santa AnaOn one side of the plaza is Iglesia de Santa Ana, which is a Roman Catholic Church that opened in 1930. The church is beautiful inside and has many stained glass windows.

Parque SabanetaLocated on the other three sides of the plaza are several restaurants, bars as well as shops. Many of the restaurants in the main park area become popular bars at night.

Street food stands and artisans There are also street food stands and artisans selling products from many small stalls.

Restaurante El Viejo JohnIn the area surrounding the park within a few blocks are found numerous restaurants, bakeries and shops of all kinds. Within a few blocks of the plaza you can find many types of food including Mexican, Italian, Steaks, Hamburgers, Pizza and typical Colombian food.

BBVA bankAround the park you will also find a bank, pharmacies, several religious stores near the church and also a couple liquor stores.

Merkepaisa grocery storeYou will also find the Merkepaisa grocery store, which is located right next to Parque Sabaneta.

Fast food next to Parque SabanetaNext to the park area near the Merkepaisa grocery store you will also find an area with several fast food places including many that you will find in the malls throughout Medellín including Dogger, Frisby and Subway.

Ferris wheel next to Parque SabanetaNext to the plaza are a small Ferris wheel and other rides for the kids so you will see many families as well.

Parque Sabaneta comes alive on the weekends with many locals and visitors from other parts of the city.   But you won’t find many foreigners yet as Parque Sabaneta hasn’t been discovered by many foreigners. In the over 20 times I have gone to Parque Sabaneta over the past couple years, I have only heard English being spoken once.

All these attributes of Parque Sabaneta make it very popular with the locals from around the city of Medellín and many prefer it to Parque Lleras in El Poblado, which is seen as catering too much to foreigners.

Sabaneta metro station

Convenient Location

Parque Sabaneta is very conveniently located about a 10-minute walk from the Sabaneta metro station or you can take an inexpensive 1,700 peso (less than $1) bus from the metro station to Parque Sabaneta.

Sabaneta is a relatively small municipality that is only about 6 square miles in size. So it is possible to walk to many parts of Sabaneta from Parque Sabaneta, which is centrally located.

Aves Maria mallAves Maria mall is located only about a 5-minute walk from Parque Sabaneta. The Aves Maria mall has over 100 shops including an Exito and a movie theater. The mall has stores selling clothes, shoes, home furnishings and several other categories. The mall has some vacancies but with many new apartment buildings being built nearby this likely will change.

Apartment buildings in SabanetaWithin a five minute walk of Parque Sabaneta are located numerous low-rise and high-rise apartment buildings.

Apartment buildings in SabanetaSo it is possible to live in an apartment in Sabaneta that is within very easy walking distance to Parque Sabaneta and its many restaurants, bars and shops plus Aves Maria mall as well as the Sabaneta metro station. Note that this is flat walking in Sabaneta, which is unlike the hilly walking in many parts of El Poblado.

Parque Sabaneta

The Bottom Line

With the many benefits to be found in Sabaneta, especially Parque Sabaneta, we believe that Sabaneta is likely to attract more foreigners. We are repeating our list of why we see Sabaneta as an attractive area for foreigners:

  • Existing real estate properties are on average 18.5% lower in cost than in El Poblado
  • Arguably the nicest park in the Medellín metro: Parque Sabaneta
  • Many parts of Sabaneta are flat areas for walking and retirees, compared to the hilly El Poblado
  • 10 minutes on the metro to El Poblado
  • Several apartment buildings within walking distance to metro stations
  • Grocery stores within 10 minutes, including Exito and a new Euro
  • Several quiet neighborhoods: no bars or discos
  • Established nightlife area away from residential areas (La Doctora area)
  • Selection of good restaurants in the area
  • Two modern shopping malls with movie theaters

In this final part in our four part series we looked at Parque Sabaneta in detail.

The bottom line is that we believe Sabaneta is likely to be the next area in Medellín favored by foreigners as they discover the uniqueness of Parque Sabaneta and the surrounding area of Sabaneta. In Sabaneta you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city of Medellín but still be close enough to enjoy the rest of the city.

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  1. Curt says:

    My wife and I have resided in Sabaneta for 4 years, and we love it here. It’s been a well-kept secret for many years, as it is off the radar screen for most foreigners.

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