• More infoView profile">Leonardo Sanchez

    Leonardo Sanchez

      Leonardo Sanchez is the Chief Marketing Officer for Lifefar. He leads all financial initiatives including budget management, cost-benefit analysis, and More info
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    • Cole Shephard

      Cole Shephard

        Cole Shephard is the President and Chief Financial Officer for Lifeafar. Cole leads development and execution of the short and long-term goals with the team while providing strong leadership throughout the organization...
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      • Rich Holman

        Rich Holman

          Rich Holman is the Founder & Chairman of the Board of Lifeafar. He leads overall strategic planning, investment sales, and the oversight of the maintenance and development of key investor and ...
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        • Monica Quintero

          Monica Quintero

            Born and raised in Medellín, Monica is the Chief Operations Officer for Lifeafar. She studied engineering administration with a concentration in corporate finance...
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          • Eric Berman

            Eric Berman

              Eric Berman is the Chief Investment Officer of Lifeafar. He oversees the firm’s investment strategy including acquisitions and development, and plays a key role in leading Lifeafar’s hospitality initiatives...
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            • Jason Bennett

              Jason Bennett

                Jason Bennett is the Chief Marketing Officer of Lifeafar. He serves as a key member of the Lifeafar leadership team, overseeing all marketing efforts for the Medellín, Colombia-based company...
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              • Adrian Beales

                Adrian Beales

                  Adrian Beales is the Director of Sales of Lifeafar. He leads Sales, Capital-Raising and Events Divisions, and aids customers in identifying appropriate investment opportunities for their...
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                • Adam Jason

                  Adam Jason

                    Adam Jason is the General Counsel of Lifeafar and oversees the firm’s legal division and advises the company on its international legal compliance and investment product offerings...
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                  • Ricardo Coelho

                    Ricardo Coelho

                      Ricardo Coelho is the Director of Hospitality for Lifeafar, and his goal is to always deliver world-class guest service and an unparalleled guest experience...
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                    • Sandra Campo

                      Sandra Campo

                        Sandra was born in Medellin and studied communication and corporate relations at the Universidad de Medellin. In 2000, she set off for Miami where she worked as a real estate agent and mortgage broker.
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                      • Patrick Spanfelner

                        Patrick Spanfelner

                          Patrick is an economist from Denmark who’s been investing in Cali real estate for over a decade. In early 2016, he partnered with FAR International to open up its Cali office and oversee a number of exciting real estate efforts
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                        • Samuel Miller

                          Samuel Miller

                            In 2009, Sam embarked on a motorcycle journey from Canada to Argentina. It was Colombia, however, that caught his eye. Sam settled in Bogota, where he co-founded Colombia International Real Estate.
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                          • Sebastián Romero

                            Sebastián Romero

                              A Bogota native, Sebastian came to FAR International by way of his own real estate company. After merging with FAR, Sebastián helped open the Bogota office. While he’d probably rather be traveling
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