Medellin, World Class Medical Care and Services

Medellin, once famous for its drug cartel, has left the violence behind and is now one of the most thriving cities in South America. Its mild climate gave it the byname “City of Eternal Spring” and if you had a chance to visit the city you will agree. More and more tourists distrust the awful image of drugs and violence Hollywood Movies gave the city and discover the true Medellin. Having been a true disruptive innovator in public transportation projects, Medellin is the first city worldwide that has taken funiculars and turned them into a network of mass transportation.
But the city is also showing off in other fields. Several international companies in 3D movie animation take advantage of a great pool of creative talent in the city and set up shop here. Medical services have also always been a strength of Medellin. Some of South America’s best doctors and clinics can be found here, providing first class healthcare to an increasing number of patients from the US who either can’t afford their medical procedure in the US or who prefer the privacy of a cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery abroad. Couples in desperate search of a baby spend some time in the relaxed ambient of some of the best and most successful fertility clinics in the country – many of them going home with a dream fulfilled. Serving this increasing demand of medical procedures and cosmetic treatments abroad, South America’s first online platform for medical services and cosmetic treatments has been founded in Medellin in 2011 by two foreigners who have experienced the exceptional medical services in Colombia themselves. FlyClinic is like an eBay for medical services – filtering for patients from abroad the doctors and clinics who can offer their services – making sure that patients can only select from the best. It’s 5-star healthcare for budget prices.
Most importantly, FlyClinic provides vast information to patients prior to their procedure, raising awareness about opportunities and risks of medical procedures as well as cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery. Their blog frequently discusses critical issues ranging from causes of infertility, stress management, risks in medical procedures to recommendations on whether or not one should go for plastic surgery or a cosmetic treatment. Finally, patients can directly communicate with their specialists through their Patient Health Forum and book their flight or hotel.
Where do patients and their families stay after the successful surgery? Medellin features some of the best hotels in the country – however, most families decide to go for an apartment and find one of the best providers in The Apartment Medellin, an extremely successful project by another Expat – catering to the specific needs of the foreigner coming to Medellin on business or medical trips.
The Apartment Medellin started 5 years ago when tourism began to increase in Medellin.  From a single room, the company has expanded to more than 40 upmarket units to service the growing need for comfortable and affordable accommodation for discerning western tastes.  An apartment is the perfect option to relax and enjoy privacy in your own home away from home while undergoing any medical procedure.  The ability to have full time medical staff or assistance with you 24 hours a day if required is a huge benefit considering the cost, size and impersonal nature of hotels.
The Apartment Medellin not only provides excellent service to tourists visiting Medellin but also provides the tools and expert advice for investors to purchase rental property in Medellin and make double digit returns while enjoying their vacation home whenever they wish. If you are coming to Medellin often for regular treatments, this could be a golden opportunity to not only buy into a blossoming market, but also generate rental income that could pay for your medical procedures.
The Apartment Medellin and FlyClinic presents at the “Live and Invest Overseas” conferences in Medellin, held twice a year in Colombia, showing future retirees and savvy investors opportunities in this market … South America’s hidden secret.

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