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Salgar, Colombia

Green Coffee Company Series B

Projected IRR

Target Raise

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Investment Overview

In partnership with Green Coffee Company Holdings, LLC (GCC), our first and second offerings successfully raised $8.3M in commitments to acquire, improve, and expand the initial farm portfolio in Colombia’s iconic coffee region of Salgar, home of the world’s best Arabica coffee. The project is now operational, managed by an experienced team, producing award-winning coffee, and selling internationally.

There have been numerous key accomplishments to date. Total production increased 4x in 2020, and more coffee has already been produced in January 2021 than the entire first half of 2020. The company valuation has been significantly raised by an independent third-party due to management’s advantageous land acquisition prices, developed farmland, and improved farm infrastructure.

The GCC is about to receive certification by the Rainforest Alliance which will broaden the market of potential buyers and enable the GCC to sell coffee at a premium price. And finally critical investments in automation, real-time data analysis, centralized controls, precisely calibrated machinery, 3-D scanners, and other operational initiatives will make the GCC arguably the most technologically advanced coffee producer in Colombia.

Series B Offering Details

The Green Coffee Company’s current operation consists of 2,364 acres of farmland across 11 farms, totaling 2,972,000 coffee trees, all located in Salgar, Colombia. As the development of these farmlands is completed using the proceeds from this offering, the GCC will be one of the top 10 consolidated producers of coffee in all of Colombia. This will enable the company to take on future expansion plans outside of the Salgar region, and they are already conducting due diligence on additional acquisitions and financing options that they believe will position the GCC as the #1 producer of coffee in all of Colombia in the next two to three years.

Taking into consideration all production and sales assumptions, an estimated target IRR of 23% is projected, following a targeted exit date in 2025. This Series B Funding Round gives investors an unprecedented opportunity to generate significant returns from one of the world’s most timeless and in-demand commodities.


The Green Coffee Company

The Green Coffee Company is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for investors interested in the coffee industry. The company’s innovative business model maintains complete control of the coffee supply chain including cultivation, processing, and direct trade with end clients.

This holistic approach to the coffee sector and commitment to adhering to the best environmental practices will not only increase the long-term profitability and sustainability of the business as well as investor returns, but also improve the quality and delicious taste of our coffee.

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