Agricultural 506(c)

Salgar, Colombia

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Investment Overview

In partnership with the Green Coffee Company, our initial coffee offering successfully raised $5.7M in commitments to acquire, improve, and expand three farms in Colombia’s iconic coffee region of Salgar, home of the world’s best Arabica coffee. The project is now operational, managed by an experienced team, producing award-winning coffee, and selling internationally.

The second offering will significantly increase capacity to 11 farms across almost 2,400 acres, double the tree count, reduce land acquisition prices, and accelerate the selling and exporting of specialty coffee at premium prices.

As one of the largest consolidated coffee producers in Colombia, this second offering gives investors an unprecedented opportunity to generate significant returns from one of the world’s most timeless and in-demand commodities.

Project Details

The new farms have a total land area of 1,758 acres, which increases the Green Coffee Company’s total acreage to 2,364. The farms already have 2 million coffee trees planted, with 770,000 trees in the process of renovation. We will be planting specialty lots in undeveloped areas, and plan to add approximately 1.1 million additional trees across the land.

As part of our increased production, we will be investing significantly in improved infrastructure to expand the processing capacity of the company. We expect to reach maximum production by 2022 once the new processing facilities are operational and the new trees are productive. Our long-term strategic plan projects reaching maximum profitability by 2026 as the quality of coffee reaches its potential and all Green Coffee Company sales channels are fully built out.


The Green Coffee Company

The Green Coffee Company is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for investors interested in the coffee industry. The company’s innovative business model maintains complete control of the coffee supply chain including cultivation, processing, and direct trade with end clients.

This holistic approach to the coffee sector and commitment to adhering to the best environmental practices will not only increase the long-term profitability and sustainability of the business as well as investor returns, but also improve the quality and delicious taste of our coffee.

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