Property owners in Colombia are known for not taking due process when selecting an asking price for their properties in Bogota. Prices are regularly taken from thin air. This leaves you, as a foreign buyer, and limited experience in the market in a vulnerable position. It can be difficult to negotiate a fair price without an official appraisal certificate or an agent with years of experience in the market.

If you do intend to buy directly from the seller (here is why we suggest using an agent), it is strongly recommended to use a licensed member of the Corporate Appraisal Agents Registry (Registro de Avaluadores Corporativos or RAC). Make sure you ask them to show identification when you meet with them. They might be happy to say they are members of the registry on the phone to make you happy. You want to be sure they are providing an objective valuation of the property.

We have licensed appraisers on hand whom have appraised over 3000 properties. We will provide you with a complete PDF report  within a few days of the site inspection. Amongst other things we include in the appraisal:

  • Property and Document Analysis
  • Sector Analysis including:
    • Types of buildings
    • Public Transport
    • Access to main roads
    • Sector Activity
  • Urban Norms and Standards
  • Boundaries
  • Title Information
  • Economic Analysis of the Sector
  • Supply and Demand of Properties in the Area
  • Final Valuation
  • Photo attachments

With this document you can enter the negotiations with peace of mind and a better goal of the real value of the property. Contact us now to ask for a quote for an appraisal in Bogota or anywhere else in Colombia.

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