Colombia is emerging in the world community. With a thriving real estate market that has grown 6-20% with-in a year it is attracting attention. A renewed economy is a far cry in investment opportunity from those countries now still fighting to recover after a recession. For those looking for retirement investments, or for standard property investments this is a good time to consider Colombia.

Are Investments Protected in Colombia?

Colombia is ranked 6th in the world for protecting investors. In a country where the investment market is populated only by early investors there is less risk. Colombia has a healthy average of 4.2% annual GDP growth, and an unemployment that’s getting lower instead of climbing. New trade agreements around the world with other Latin American countries as well as Western entities such as Canada and the U.S. have increased the number of small business owners in this country. This makes finding goods and services at reasonable rates much easier, and continues this growth spurt for Colombia’s markets.

The People of Colombia

In Colombia the drive to educate young people has sparked a 94.2% literacy rate. There is also a drive in this country to depart from the dark past. This is a people determined to enter the world market and modernize. Cultural beliefs are still important here, and family ties are still viewed as supremely important, yet there is a fresh acceptance of other cultures.

What is the Benefit of Investing?

In Colombia the reasons to invest in property is staggering to the imagination. The country is very strong in exports of coffee, bananas, cotton, meat and other agricultural commodities and is gaining on earlier market leaders. With an eye to the needs of the countries around them, and a new knowledge of the global market Colombia is on the way to developing its resources safely and prudently. This is a country with a rich landscape, and these resources proved valuable during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 when the country was able to weather this storm effectively. For these reasons, not looking into the opportunities now could be a serious mistake. We urge anyone with an interest in strong investments to see Colombia for yourself.


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