Buyer Representation is a service offered to real estate buyers when they are looking into the legal aspects of buying property. In Colombia it is important to have someone who can explain the various laws as well as customs for purchasing property in Colombia. In this country, because there are few rules regulating who represents either the buyer or the seller of the properties it is customary for a relative of the owner to represent this individual when selling a house. There are also unscrupulous real estate dealers who take advantage of the lax atmosphere. It’s not unknown for real estate agents to disappear after getting the contract for commission signed.

The difference with Colombia International and with Lifeafar is that we became a real estate agency in order to offer a much higher standard of customer service, and to walk buyers and sellers through the process with professionalism.

Some of the services we provide buyers are as follows:

  • Much needed advice from a fellow Western business owner living in Colombia
  • Facts and advice on the local market presented in a professional manner
  • We develop an understanding of you and family’s need in order to present you with the best living situation fitting your needs.
  • We support you through the negotiation process, which can be confusing in Colombia.
  • We remain in contact. We are available to our clients through email or phone during the entire process so you never feel you are being left in the dark about your investment.
  • After terms are agreed upon we offer help and advice in creating the Promise of Purchase, and help to ensuring these terms are included.
  • We can do the title search and verify property owners.
  • We help in collecting the required documents and processing this paperwork.
  • We organize and monitor the financial investments, even when these are international.
  • Legal assistance on terms and contractions of real estate contracts is also a part of our service
  • If you are not in Colombia for any part of the process, we can use a power of attorney to act for you in signing the Promise of the purchase agreement and the Deed.

We urge you to take a look at the wide range of properties on offer on the website. You are sure to find several that are worth investigating, and we are here to help you make this dream come true.

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