Investing in Bogotá

The recent partnership between Colombia International and Lifeafar promises to further our commitment to future projects in Colombia. Located in Bogota, the center of Colombia, this real estate company provides professional real estate services and excellent customer service.

This will bring a diversity and efficiency to our real estate and investment portfolio in Colombia.

We offer the following services:

Now is a great time to invest in Colombian real estate. From the sandy beaches of Tayrona to the bustle city of Bogota we know this country well, and look forward to showing you the benefits of this easy-going lifestyle. With our help we hope you can take advantage of a great exchange rate, as well as other investment advantages offered here. During your stay we offer our advice on hotel, travel, and accommodation as well as our proven knowledge of real estate.

Getting Sound Advice

All real estate markets are different. What does remain the same no matter the country is the importance of finding the right real estate agent. Here, the market is often more personable. Real estate owners and families often list properties directly, and there is no MLS. Often, this market is closed and insulator making it hard for an outsider to negotiate. One of our experienced real estate specialists can aid in you in knowing your rights as a foreign investor and make sure all documents are processed correctly. We select our listings carefully from those areas we know to be safe, modern, and beautiful. Take a look at the exclusive properties we list in Bogota and Colombia and we can show the homes and properties you are interested in seeing.

Understanding Legal Requirements

The laws governing real estate are different from many other Western countries. Our experts can help you to correctly transfer money to Colombia following all the legal channels without the all too common hassles of such financial exchanges. We can explain and guide you through the legal necessities of buying property in Colombia.

This Country is Special

Colombia calls to people all over the world for many reasons. The laid-back lifestyle, friendliness of the people and  the warm welcome are great reasons to come, but the investment opportunities here are also a strong reason to stay. There is increased financial security in this developing market, as well as abundant natural resources. The people of central Columbia are open to new ideas, and a growing educated middle-class is helping to make this a diverse, strong nation. Global trade and investment are now of strong interest to the government and people. Tourism has doubled in the last decade, and is edging out other top vacation spots around the globe. The low inflation rate and an annual GDP growth rate of 4-6% makes this one of the strongest investments in the market. We would love to help you find the perfect location here in the heart of Colombia.

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