How It Works

Packaged Real Estate Projects (PREPS) are investment vehicles designed to make it easy for investors of all types to earn high returns from international real estate.

Lifeafar purchases assets on behalf of investors, and after a complete renovation, manages them as premium furnished apartments or hotel suites.

Each property is specifically designed to generate significant investor profits with a focus on the lucrative hospitality and short-term rental market.

Lifeafarinvestments - What is a PREP and how it works

At a Glance
  • Average returns range from 8-10% annual dividends and 12-14% total IRR with some projects delivering even higher returns
  • Income is passive and most investors invest without seeing the building based on our history of success
  • Investors own a percentage of the project as determined by the amount of their investment
  • Funds can be paid and received in multiple currencies including USD
  • Select projects also include investment visa opportunities
  • Minimum investment amounts start at $25,000 USD
  • All legal project costs, legal fees, and closing costs are covered