Expat Tax Time

It’s Expat Tax Time again, or is it? For expats things could not be more confusing with all the different forms, filing dates, fines, FACTA, FBAR, form this, form that, etc.

Because many of our clients are asking for this type of help we are now offering Expat Tax and Accounting Services in our new Client Services Section.

So email me if you need some help from the expat accounting specialists who are assisting me personally and also assisting Lifeafar. Email Rich Holman and ask for expat accounting help. Your initial consultation is free.

And if you are in Medellin on Feb 26 I will be attending a free 7PM tax seminar given by our Expat tax experts covering topics such as:

  • Do Americans need to file their US taxes while living abroad?
  • Can foreign nationals/companies save money by forming American LLC’s?
  • How can US citizens and foreign nationals optimize their tax strategy by investing in businesses, real estate and securities in both the US and abroad?

Email me at [email protected] and ask about the free expat tax program and I will send you the Feb 26th details.

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