Colombia’s Future: Inspiring Experiences from E2E

E2E Inspiring Experiences - FAR International

Watch the inspiring story of how the E2E Foundation is rebuilding Colombia.

Just a couple of weeks ago we hosted Teryn Wolfe, from the E2E Foundation, at our Global Express HQ in Medellin.

It was the perfect night for creating an atmosphere of networking and to open up a space where expats, travelers and the local community could share experiences about their business initiatives, their social work in Colombia, and everything else related to their life afar. But it was also an opportunity to learn a little about the cultural and social reality of a country transforming itself day by day, a transformation in which we’re all participants.

E2E is an innovative non-profit organization located in Medellín, Colombia, working to generate a positive impact by bridging the gap between the corporate and the developing world. However, its work goes beyond research and execution of sustainable projects that help reduce that gap, the projects that Teryn is leading with her team at the E2E Foundation are a clear example of how the world is transforming into a more humane and collaborative world where transformation is no longer only led by a few.

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