colombia businessLifeafar is a full service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm focused on assisting clients with buying, selling and leasing Investment properties and businesses in Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena and Cali in Colombia.

We have expertise in facilitating foreign Investment and offers our clients the highest level of service and professionalism available.

Lifeafar offers for sale and for lease real estate inventory including office, retail, industrial and mixed-use properties, as well as land for development. Our business opportunities include hotels, hostels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and various other operating businesses. We also manages real estate projects designed for large private Investments and institutional Investors alike.


Lifeafar offers our clients a turn-key service package designed to assist foreigners with the knowledge, contacts, and experience to purchase, sell, or lease commercial real estate and businesses in Colombia. We provide services that cater to both private individual investors, corporations, and large institutional investors.

As a foreign owned business, Lifeafar Commercial Realty understands the challenges of getting established in Colombia. We have worked through many hurdles and learning curves establishing ourselves and our clients in Medellin. Working with us allows you to leverage this experience.

We also understand the level of customer service and business methodologies that you are accustomed to. The company founders have over 10 years of business and investment experience in all the major cities of Colombia as well as countless years of investment experience abroad. All of our agents and support staff are bilingual to provide the best level of service possible.

Please see our comprehensive list of our services below:

comsales-servicesCommercial Real Estate Brokering

Purchase, lease or sale of all types of Commercial Real Estate and Investments: Office Space, Retail Space, Office Condos, Strip Mall, Warehouse, Apartment Buildings, Industrial, Mixed Use Properties and Land

Business Brokering

Purchase, lease or sale of Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Hostels, Night Clubs, Bars, Restaurants, Retail, and more

Investment Projects

Locate, raise funding and manage large investment and development projects through pooling resources from large private investors to institutional investors and fund managers

Project Consulting & Management Services

Provide clients with Research Services and Feasibility Studies for real estate and business investments Manage day to day operations and financial management of real estate and business projects for third party (out of town) owners

Renovation, Remodeling and Construction Services

Oversee building renovation, remodeling and construction on behalf of clients

Corporate Relocation Services

  • Assist Corporate Clients with finding business sites in Medellin
  • Executive Relocation Packages (furnished rentals or residential purchases)

Business Services

The following assistance is provide through our network of bi-lingual specialists

Financing: Private Lending and Hard Money Mortgages Services

Although traditional bank financing in Medellin and Colombia is extremely rare for foreigners, we have a network of secondary lending options that may address your needs

Furnished Apartments and Residential Sales

Why Medellin: Business And Investment

Beginning in 2006, Medellin has jumped into the spotlight of the international media. Moving from its troubled past and disturbing legacy, there has been a heightened awareness of the growth potential and incredible progress of Colombia’s second largest city. This trend is highlighted by the recent high profile decision of the world’s largest computer manufacturer, Hewlett-Packard, to locate in Medellin, their Latin American Service Headquarters that will employ up to 4,000 workers.

So why is mainstream business starting to decide that Medellin is the next best place to do business? There are a broad range of reasons. There is a continuous flow of new information highlighting Medellin’s and Colombia’s real estate, business and investment opportunities. Articles about Medellin note the trend of economic growth, improved security, excellent technical support and infrastructure, cost effective and highly trained labor pool, positive social changes, low cost of living, superior health care, excellent climate and efficient transportation system(s). Outlined are a few of these highlights:

Economy: Medellin is one of the few economies in the world that is currently in a growth cycle. The economy is strong; the stock market has showed rapid growth over the last five years (despite the world recession). There has been a broad economic focus including textile, energy, flowers, tourism, medical industry, minerals, fashion and technology.

Transportation Infrastructure: Medellin offers a newly built International Airport, a world class, modern, clean and efficient Metro System,a multiple level bus system that services the entire city and a huge taxi fleet whose average cab fare is less than $4. Medellin also offers what may be the World’s only Metro Cable System designed and used specifically to link towns and barrios in the outlying areas to the Metro Hub.

International Trade and Business: Medellin is home to numerous international conferences and events bringing together businesses, people and organizations thought the world. With a growing focus on international trade and a strong emerging middle class economy looking for new products, trade and business is on the rise in Medellin.

First Class and Affordable Health Care: Not only is the highest standard of medical procedures and services available to locals, there is an upswing of interest internationally for Medellin Medical Tourism.

Outstanding Real Estate Values: The current property values can easily be argued the lowest found anywhere in any comparable cosmopolitan, modern and progressive city. By the world standards Medellin offers extremely undervalued residential and commercial real estate on a cost per sq meter basis.

Building Design and Construction: With modern building designs and a recent building spurt, the quality of construction is first world, not third world. The “Golden Mile” in El Poblado boasts some of the most sophisticated office high-rises, shopping malls, and structures in the world.

University and Education System: With as many universities as Boston, Mass, Medellin offers a quality university system that turns out highly educated and affordable graduates for both local and international businesses to cost effectively build their companies. The technology partnerships with Hewlett-Packard and two of Medellin’s top Universities highlights this fact. International companies are discovering that they can employ superior talent at 1/3 to 1/4th the cost of Europe and North America.

Technology Infrastructure: Many IT companies are starting to come to Medellin and technical outsourcing is on an upswing. With its excellent Internet speed and access Medellin is attracting more and more IT professionals who wish to live and work in a vibrant cosmopolitan city.

Tourism and Retirement Growth: Medellin is home to world class hotels, resorts and affordable first class real estate. Medellin is now becoming a major tourist destination as well as a retirement option for foreigners.

comsales-cultureLifestyle and Community: Medellin is located in the state of Antioquia and its inhabitants are known as Paisas. Visitors are always welcomed by a smile and a “como estas”. The warmth of its residents is complemented by Medellin’s year around springtime climate. Medellin is known as “The City of Eternal Spring” and its residents have only one clothing decision to make each day — “short sleeves or long sleeves”

For these reasons and more, the Team at Lifeafar encourages you to explore the community, culture, lifestyle, and investment opportunity available in Medellin. Bienvenidos a Medellin! Come and invest and live in Paradise!