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A couple of British journalists passing through Bogotá on a trip around the world noticed something immediately about the Colombian capital:

The trendy place to be is the Chapinero Alto. They wrote about it on their blog, only leaving out exactly how quickly it is changing there, something the folks at Colombia International Real Estate realize all too well.

The company, led by an Australian and a Colombian, is your go-to place to find apartments to rent or buy in Bogotá. They analyze everything —all the trends regarding real estate prices and projections and anything that might affect them, including new and current infrastructure, government decisions, and the rapid transformation Colombia continues to undergo as more and more people come here to see the sights, work in a variety of job fields from teaching English to digital media, or retire to a neighborhood with great restaurants.

That’s why they’re high on the Chapinero Alto. They’ve noticed a pattern with the growth in Bogotá, how investment has been moving south, starting in the posh north of Calle 100, into the Parque 93 area, then down into the Zona T and Zona G, with the Chapinero Alto next in line.

Sam Miller

It’s the area bordered to the west by Carrera 7, to the south around Calle 57, to the east by Carrera 4 and to the north where the Zona G — the city’s best area for fine dining — begins.

The new Metro, scheduled for construction early in the next decade, will pass through this area as well, creating easy access in and out of the community, an amenity that is sure to make this place even more attractive than it already is.

But Colombia International won’t stop there. Colombia International helps you find a home in other parts of the city as well.

They have listings such as a three-bedroom apartment near the Carmel Club golf course in northern Bogotá to a mansion just north of downtown near the National Museum. And you can find properties outside the capital as well.

But Bogotá is the company’s home base and perhaps where you should look first. The city definitely has more to offer than any in Colombia, and perhaps any in Latin America.

The climate is cool, fresh even, but never too cold. And even today, with the Metro still in the planning stages, there is great public transportation.

Sebastian Romero

The Transmilenio rapid-transit buses cover more than 70 miles of the city, most of them in lanes especially built for the big red buses, and the sister SITP buses of the government-run system, which share the road with regular cars, help cover ground where there are no Transmilenio routes.

You can forgo the buses and just ride your bicycle if you choose as well. Bogotá has almost 250 miles of bicycle lanes with more to come.

So if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Colombia International. They have answers for you, especially when it comes to Colombian real estate law, which can be tricky for first-time investors.

They can help you make sure you get the best equity possible and navigate the process of transferring money from your home country to Colombia.

Don’t wait until prices are too high to invest. And remember, that day is coming sooner rather than later.

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  1. Thomas brown says:

    What are the best options for residential ownership in Zina g or other entertainment areas. I want to walk home after dining or partying. Thanks Thomas ps my budget is 150,000

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