Cleaning the Right Way with Amway

Your spotless apartment should come with a clean conscience. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we now use Amway green cleaning products in all our rentals.

Amway’s non-toxic BIOQUEST FORMULA is better for our housekeepers, better for the environment, and (most of all) better for you. Made from bio-based natural resources such as coconut and citrus, Amway’s laundry, surface, and dish cleaning products are all dermatologist-tested. You’ll get the same shiny-clean floor and counters, but without any skin irritation or allergies.

The green power goes even further. According to, using a concentrated formula, BIOQUEST boosts cleaning power while at the same time cutting down on plastic packaging — up to 18 times less packaging than our competitors. The concentrated formula also reduces shipping volume, meaning our bottles last longer: You can clean 200 sinks worth of dirty dishes, pots and pans with just one liter of Amway’s Dish Drops Liquid.

We think a superior rental should come with the best cleaning products. With Lifeafar, it does. When you choose to rent from us, you’re also choosing the all-around best cleaning products — for our staff, for the environment, and for you.

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