Casa del Reloj’s Owner Brings Luxury Living to Medellín

Casa del Reloj Medellin

Casa del Reloj (“CdR”) opened in October 2014 and is the most unique, luxurious and original residential destination for both short and medium-term stays found in Medellín. The property has six individual apartments sized from 1 to 4 beds that can be combined to support a larger group requiring anywhere from 3 to 14 bedrooms.

CdR targets upscale tourists, business executives and families looking for a physically comfortable and visually appealing apartment in the best location in Medellín.

Location, Location, Location

CdR is located in Provenza, the crown jewel of El Poblado, which is Medellin’s #1 neighborhood. CdR is only a stone’s throw from Parque Lleras, which is the city’s diverse and ever-growing Zona Rosa, where boutique shopping, dining and nightlife destinations abound. Simply put, there is no better location in all of Medellin.

Distance to:

  • Parque Lleras – 3 blocks
  • Milla de Oro (The Golden Mile—banks, shopping, restaurants, etc.) – 4 blocks
  • Clinica Medellin (one of the best medical facilities in Medellín) – 4 blocks
  • Supermarkets – several located between ½ and 6 blocks
  • Bank/ATM – ½ to 3 blocks
  • Restaurants (Italian, Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai, Peruvian, Colombian, Vegan, Japanese, Steak, etc) – 1 to 4 blocks
  • Juan Valdez Coffee Shop – 3 blocks
  • Metro – El Poblado station is an easy 8 block walk down the hill or $2-3 taxi ride

CdR is within walking distance to most of the best places in El Poblado but far enough away for peace and quiet at night.

The Concept for Casa del Reloj

The owner of CdR is John-Paul D., a multi-lingual, world traveling business executive and entrepreneur with 35 years of experience traveling in Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East. He originally discovered Medellín as a university student in the 1980’s. John-Paul also worked as a volunteer in 1989 in Popayán, Colombia helping underprivileged children.

After about a 20-year gap, John-Paul returned to Colombia in 2010 to visit some friends he had previously made in Colombia. He spent some time in Medellín where he learned about Lifeafar (FARM), the largest foreign-owned real estate firm in Medellín. After meeting with Rich Holman, the founder of FARM, and partner Joe Greco, John-Paul spent some time walking the neighborhood around the FARM office. The first property he viewed he quickly envisioned the concept for CdR and it was a spontaneous decision to buy the property.

Casa del Reloj PreConstructionCdR is the combination of two properties that underwent major redesign and remodeling. John-Paul utilized FARM’s design and remodeling services and worked closely with Jeremy Zick, who heads that division for FARM. Together, they developed the design for CdR. The custom designed floor plan for the property materialized over a four to five month timeframe, which took into account local zoning constraints.

The concept for CdR was John-Paul’s vision. Leveraging the architectural styles typically found in Cartagena, Tuscany and other “Old World” places he had visited over the years. The goal was to create a piece of real estate artwork that harkens back to Colonial Colombian times. The goal of the property was to stick to traditional styles and to use 100% locally sourced materials, labor and craftsmanship. John-Paul contracted FARM to manage the construction work on the property. While Jeremy and the FARM team focused on executing the renovation, John-Paul focused on all exterior and interior design finishes, including designing highly ergonomic custom furniture for each of the apartments as well as numerous other unique architectural elements.

The result is Casa del Reloj, a completely unique property in Medellín that combines Old World charm with modern convenience and comfort.

Inside Casa del RelojThe Luxury Apartments in Casa del Reloj

1. El Cielo (Heaven) – 4 beds, 4.5 baths, sleeps up to eight

When visitors, including numerous real estate and architecture professionals, first came to see this crowning jewel of Casa del Reloj, the first response was invariably, “OMG, this is HEAVEN!!” The penthouse apartment located on the top floor and spanning 3,700 square feet, El Cielo offers an indoor-outdoor living experience that will transport you back in time and into the future in a manner no other residence in Medellin could even begin to match.

El Cielo The features are too numerous to mention but include a stunning garden experience, outdoor dining under a protected wood pergola that lets the sun and stars shine through, an expansive living room that remains open to the outdoor at all times, a ten-foot cinema experience, a wide array of plants and flowers, two hammocks, two comfortable sitting rooms, a vast kitchen with eight-person sofa and surround-sound television experience, an upper deck featuring large built-in Jacuzzi and entertainment area, a five-zone Sonos sound system imported from the USA that you can control from your smartphone, accessing either your own music or free radio on thousands of stations around the world, etc, etc, etc.

La Cascada2. La Cascada (The Waterfall)– 3 beds, 3.5 baths, sleeps up to six

This three-bedroom luxury apartment features a built-in concrete Jacuzzi that can accommodate up to eight adults. A combination of ancient copper cooking “pailas” and an original meal grinding stone form the artistic foundation of a cascading wall water feature that will bring natural music to your ears as you and your group luxuriate in the steaming waters of the in-ground hand-crafted Jacuzzi below. Hanging from the two-story living room ceiling is an eight-foot lamp piece designed out of one of Colombia’s and the world’s very first railroad ties from the mid-1800’s.

To access the two upper-level bedrooms, you will ascend a charming handcrafted spiral staircase made from wrought iron and hard wood railing. It took fifteen slithers of hardwood to craft the step’s spiral handrail. Dine in style in an eating nook off the living room featuring a handcrafted table with built-in tiles that appear throughout Casa del Reloj and illuminated by a custom wood and wrought iron lamp and wall sconces popular in Cartagena’s Centro Historico.

El Jardín3. El Jardín(pronounced Har-DEEN) – 2 beds, 2.5 baths, sleeps up to four

This large two-bedroom apartment must be seen in person. True to its name, El Jardín features a gorgeous botanical garden that separates the luxurious two bedrooms, one of which includes a cozy sitting room and both open to the garden. El Jardín also features a split-level dining and living area that is luxurious in its comfort, style and simplicity. A cove off to the side of the great room houses a six-foot wide executive workstation

Casa del Reloj - Eden4. Eden (pronounced Ay-DEN in Spanish) – 2 beds, 2 baths, sleeps up to four

Eden is a spacious two-bedroom apartment with two adobe tiled small garden patios bringing ample natural light and private nature to your living experience. An extra long five-person sofa and romantic evening lighting are just two of the many special features of this charming first-floor living space.

Casa del Reloj - El Ático 5. El Ático (the loft) – 2 beds, 2 baths, sleeps up to four

El Ático is the third of three 2-bedroom units in CdR. One of the bedrooms features large French-style doors opening to the living room. Custom lamps, ergonomic sofas, a large coffee table and high-back bar stools for dining are just a few of the many features of this second-story apartment located in the Reloj tower side of the residence.

This apartment is conveniently located between the four-bed El Cielo (penthouse) and the 3-bed “La Cascada residences and can be added to either or both to accommodate larger groups seeking convenience and added privacy under one roof.

El Principito6. El Principito (the Little Prince) – 1 bed, 1.5 baths, sleeps up to two

El Principito is a one-bedroom apartment with a separate direct single-door street entry. The apartment is equipped with full kitchen (excluding oven), bath, separate bedroom and extra-large workstation in separate cove. This cozy living space is ideal for traveling singles, couples or executives seeking quality and CdR-level comfort at a more affordable price.

Inside Casa del Reloj - BridgeApartment Features

Casa del Reloj has many features that you won’t be able to find in other rental apartments in Medellín. Here is a list of 20 of the special features of the apartments:

  1. Completely custom, one-of-a-kind Old World architectural features
  2. Custom double-pane sound insulation windows
  3. High-speed 20-megabyte WiFi Internet service
  4. FREE local telephone service
  5. Multiple 24-hour surveillance cameras
  6. Keyless high-security doors
  7. Quiet ceiling fans in each bedroom and living room
  8. 42-60” flat-screen, HDTV’s featuring DirectTV (El Cielo features a 100” projection screen, larger units with surround sound)
  9. Air conditioning in each bedroom for rare high humidity days
  10. Luxurious in-suite private bathrooms
  11. Safes in every bedroom for valuables and documents
  12. Comfortable, ergonomically designed sofas/chairs – designed by the property owner!
  13. Fan and ceiling light switches conveniently accessed from bed
  14. Reading lights built into each bed headboard
  15. USA-specification Queen mattresses (4 inches longer than Colombian)
  16. 500-thread count cotton sheets
  17. Five Star hotel quality towels
  18. Hand soap and shower soap provided
  19. Full array of kitchen supplies
  20. Washer/Dryer in apartment or available on premise for small fee

Presenting Casa del RelojThe Bottom Line

John-Paul D., the owner of Casa del Reloj, welcomes you to his unique property in Medellín with several of the most luxurious apartments to be found in the city. The project took several years to complete and the six apartments are now available for rent from The Apartment Medellín.

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