A bird lover’s paradise outside Cartagena

A bird lover's paradise outside Cartagena

A view of the mangroves from a dugout canoe in Boquilla, Colombia. ILLUSTRATION: DAISY PRINCE

Cartagena, Colombia, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is rapidly becoming a staple of Caribbean travel. Snow-white buildings overlook iconic beaches, and views of crystal clear waters abound. The sun, surf, and sand are undoubtedly captivating, but those willing to venture off the beaten path are well rewarded. Just down the coast, Cartagena’s mangroves feature a dazzling array of flora and fauna, specifically rare and colorful birds. For a full account, read Daisy Prince’s account here in which she tours the mangroves in a hand crafted canoe. Furthermore, if you’re itching to experience it yourself, let us put you up in style in our recently finished Cartagena Suites. You won’t find this level of luxury anywhere for $60/night.

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