With Lifeafar, investors benefit from our unparalleled talent in asset management, corporate finance, property management, accounting, marketing, and operations. Our executive, design, and sales teams have decades of combined experience successfully acquiring and retaining customers. We currently offer investment products in Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Portugal.

Premium Portfolio

Our residential and commercial real estate portfolio along with our agriculture assets give us a key competitive advantage, and we have an aggressive yet disciplined plan for further acquisition. The combination of a high-quality portfolio, an established development capacity, and our property management experience give us market leadership that is very difficult to replicate.

Investment Acumen

We engage in extensive due diligence for evaluating acquisitions, including income-producing properties, vacant buildings, and land suitable for development. These procedures combined with our extensive knowledge of the Latin American real estate market and broader global investment trends enable us to identify opportunities, complete deals, and generate above average returns for our investors.

Differentiated Development

Our business model is highly efficient, which means our acquisition, construction, and operating costs are lower and the savings are passed on to investors in the form of higher returns.

Marketing Expertise

We pair captivating visuals with advanced analytics to maximize our ability to market our properties under the Lifeafar brand across digital media, social networks, partner networks, and mobile platforms. This results in high occupancy rates, significant revenue, and increased profits across our portfolio.

Competitive Edge

With over 12 years of property management experience we know exactly how to tailor our designs to meet the specific needs of our rental clients and marketplace expectations, ensuring our investment properties are exactly what the market wants and will generate higher investor returns.