About Us

Lifeafar Investments was founded in 2006 and has been offering investors unique packaged real estate and agriculture investment opportunities since 2010. These packaged investment structures allow investors the ability to build their own portfolio and participate in hand-picked, fully turn-key investment projects that produce cash flow and equity.

Our expert investment team finds attractively priced real estate in desirable or up-and-coming areas that present exceptional opportunities in the hospitality market. By purchasing older properties, and using our expertise to renovate the space to maximize rental potential, we are able to optimize returns. The projects are fully managed by our local, on-the-ground team from selection and rental assessment, right through to the renovation, interior design and presentation on our rental listing websites. We then manage the successful rental of the property via our extensive team of marketing specialists, booking agents, concierge and hospitality staff.

Lifeafar Investments has successfully pioneered these types of packaged investments and we continue to optimize the development and investment process to maximize the returns for our investors.