About Us

Lifeafar offers a unique blend of hospitality, property management, and investment solutions. We believe the world should be defined by opportunities instead of boundaries and that people should have the complete freedom to travel, live, and invest abroad.

Our hospitality brand combines the best of premium hotels and authentic homesharing for both short- and long-term stays. Guests staying at a Lifeafar property can travel without compromise and stay in luxury for less in Colombia, Portugal, and Puerto Rico (opening in 2020).

Property owners and developers can maximize bookings and profits by using Lifeafar’s comprehensive 360° property management solutions including logistics, pricing, revenue management, marketing, community events, housekeeping, maintenance, and security. We also offer a robust technological infrastructure, direct selling by a bilingual staff, and OTA placement.

For investors we offer the unprecedented chance to generate significant profits from lucrative short-term rental and hospitality markets in emerging tourist destinations. We also offer investments in high-growth industries like agriculture, as well as support buying and selling residential real estate in Medellín, Colombia. With Lifeafar our investors can build their portfolio and enjoy the freedom and security that comes with international diversification, passive income, capital appreciation, and increased cash flow.


Opportunity Awaits

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