5 Ways To Cash In On Medellin

If you’ve been reading the press lately you will have noticed that everyone is talking about how Colombia is the next Brazil, the next big thing from South America.  Having spent 7 years living in the city of Medellin I can tell you that the wave of foreign investment has already begun to pour in.

Over the last several years Lifeafar have been at the forefront of designing and creating lucrative investment opportunities for small to large investors in Medellin.  The following are six current investment opportunities to take a look at that could provide you with a steady income in a foreign currency, providing a hedge against a possible future decline in the US Dollar.

1. Casa de Reloj – This upscale five story apartment complex is being developed in the heart of Medellin’s exclusive Provenza neighborhood. The project is being managed by Lifeafar on behalf of the US based owner. Lifeafar’s role includes the original property identification, acquisition management, architectural design, permitting process and construction management. The project is a unique and one of a kind boutique apartment complex in Medellin with over 1,000 square meters of space (10,000 sq ft).

El Poblado’s most exclusive boutique hotel/apartment building is nearing completion and needs a small bridge loan. Located in Provenza just a few blocks from Parque Lleras,  it will have an estimated appraised value at completion of $2.5 million dollars. The secured loan is for $450,000 USD (available to 1 or 2 investors) thus offering great security with 5.5 times loan coverage. One year investor interest rate is 10%. If second year is required it will be raised to 12%. For more detailed information or to visit the project email Joe Greco.

oasis suites2. Located in the building adjacent to the already successful Poblado Suites, the Oasis del Poblado will take luxury and comfort to a new level in Medellin. This property offers a mixed use of three residential units and one commercial space. With its premium location in the middle of the action, only one block from Parque Poblado and four blocks from Parque Lleras, the design concept is to offer its guest an ‘Oasis’ from the hustle and bustle of Medellin’s Zona Rosa (tourist district). Each unit will be centered around its private, open-air patio spaces with Jacuzzis, while offering a combination of two and three bedroom apartments.

There is a last minute investment opening for Oasis del Poblado  of  $200,000 USD available for either 1 or 2 investors. The balance of the $575,000 USD has already been reserved. Preferred 8% rental returns paid quarterly PLUS equity upsides that are projected to offer a combined 14% to 18% annualized return. For an investor kit email or call Rich Holman at 305-393-8872.

4 - Empanada Holder Option#13. In August 2013, the Empanada Express fast food franchise opened it’s doors across the street from Parque Poblado and ½ block from Avenida Poblado. Investments for Empanada Express stores will range from $75,000-$85,000 USD. We are now taking reservation deposits for 3 additional locations to be opened in 2013. If you would like more information about upcoming store locations, financials and an investment kit email or call Nelson Topper at 305-393-8872.




Casa Provenza


4. Casa Provenza, located on one of the hottest boutique restaurant, bar, retail streets in Provenza, is a mixed use property that offers modern, recently renovated rental apartments with Jacuzzis for the tourist market as well as two modern commercial locations which are already rented and producing income.  This project is being offered as a fractional investment opportunity for investors seeking a low priced entry to qualify for a Colombian Visa in addition to receiving partial ownership of a unique cash generating property. Lifeafar created the vision and concept behind this first-of-its-kind Fractional Investment offering in Medellin.For $33,000 USD investors receive:

  • A Special Colombian Temporal Visa allowing them to stay up to 365 days a year in Colombia, to obtain a cedula card and to open a bank account and establish credit
  • 5-7% investment return payable in Colombia, the US or by PayPal
  • Discounted owner rental usage rights in Casa Provenza

See www.casaprovenzamedellin.com

For an investor kit email Rich Holman

5. Inquire Now! – NDA Required – Partner with Colombia’s leading family and some of Colombia’s largest anchor tenants. Projected returns 25%+ IRR. Proven track record. $1million USD minimum investment for individuals and $10 million USD for institutions. NDA required to see 47 page investment outline outlining unique and lucrative Colombian investment strategy.  Email Rich Holman for a detailed and complete information package.

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